Back to School

by Lesley on September 12, 2009 · 2 comments

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A¬†few weeks ago, my friend Michelle told me about MSNBC’s Week in Pictures. I may starting picking my favorite picture each week to share with you. Visit the site and vote for your favorite.

This shot captures parents in Wuhan, China, sleeping at an auditorium on Sept. 7 after having accompanied their children to a university to start their first semester. (Seriously? Talk about a nation of coddled kids!)

This shot also makes me chuckle an entirely separate reason. It reminds me of a night in March 2006 when Jonathan and I travelled to the Guangzhou province for a wedding. We were supposed to spend the night there before returning back to Shenzhen the next morning. The group we travelled with told us multiple times NOT to bring bedding or even a pillow. After the wedding we find out our sleeping arrangements have changed. We walk for a mile or so to a high rise apartment building. We enter what we think is an apartment but come to find out it’s a nursery school. There are no beds, no blankets, and one bathroom with cold water. We’re told that we’ll be sleeping on mats like those in the above picture. The mats are just large enough for a Chinese pre-schooler’s nap time. I could eat four Chinese pre-schoolers…that’s how much bigger I am. Then, I noticed a cockroach on the ground. I tried not to shudder or complain but it came out anyway. I think our hosts noticed how uncomfortable Jonathan and I appeared with the arrangement, and they soon agreed it would be better to drive a few hours home that night rather than sleep in the nursery school. I am still very, very grateful for their decision.

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Michelle--Wow! This site is so fun. I can't wait to check-back in the upcoming days to see how it changes. Thanks for leaving a comment and for reading. I really appreciate it!