What you do on vacation

by Lesley on August 13, 2009 · 6 comments

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You drive down the 5 through cows and wheat, making a list called, “Things to Do Before We Have Kids.” **

You eat the most amazing truffle burger at Unami Burger, and enjoy Kevin serving you mexican coke. For free.

You let mom and dad make breakfast for you all weekend, and you soak up sun at a pool that actually has lounge chairs.

You make homemade ice cream vanilla soup at the beach, and you throw your mom and birthday dinner under the stars.

You get on a cruise ship and motor into the sunset, sea air in your hair and no access to the internet. Blessed day.

You spend four entire days with the love of your life, no distractions. After three quiet months, he has a lot to say.

You eat. A lot. You eat at the buffets. You eat room service. You eat in the dining room. You throw in a couple pina coladas and mojitos.

You swim in the warm water off Catalina and remember time there with family, as kids.

You get off the boat in Ensenada, just for a fish taco. One. Because you’re still full from the breakfast buffet.

You read a book: Shanghai Girls: and think about China’s smells and sounds and history. You don’t think about Twitter. Ever.

You get three whole days in Santa Barbara. You eat at your favorite SB spot with one of your best friends- The Palace-complete with sister as your waitress. She makes you decorated bread pudding and you stuff it in about two bites.

You walk on the beach and talk with her, and then you eat dessert with women who make you laugh a lot.

You see your aunt-unexpectedly-and she picks up the breakfast bill. Awesome.

You go to a wedding that brings together so many of your favorite people that it feels like a reunion, a homecoming of sorts. Plus, the cupcakes are amazing.

And then, you head back home up the 101, back to life and busy mornings and smoothies for breakfast, and an exercise routine, and networking events and a garden that is very much needing attention.

And, you start thinking about the next time you can get away from it all…

(**Note to sister Sarah, mother-in-law Marlene, or any other concerned family members: The “Things to Do List” ¬†stretches so long that we won’t be parents until we’re 42. We will be editing the list down over the upcoming months and will keep everyone informed of our ‘family planning’ timeline as we made crucial decisions. Te-he!)

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Yes please! I remember the long red tail of the Carnival ship as it cascaded us towards the luxurious destination of Ensenada. Vacationing as money-saving twentysomethings is grand.


Ooh, where is The Palace? I've never heard of it. I haven't explored many eateries in SB, but my all-time favorite (like, in ANY city -- not just SB) restaurant is Palazzio. Best Italian food of my life. Have you eaten there?

Katie Brown
Katie Brown

I don't need to know about your family planning, just let me know when there will be another part of your family! hahaha


good comments Alysun, we are now in the almost empty next stage and it seems really weird not having those kiddos around.


Wow, now I want to go on vacation. Looks heavenly! Isn't it fabulous how everyone starts bugging you to have a baby as soon as you get married? It will not end when you have one... then it will be "When is number 2 coming?" I'm glad we waited 3 years to have a baby -- those years together were really great. But the fabulous "to-do list," including high paying jobs and trips to Africa (for us) completely paled in comparison to the richness of parenting our children.


Fantastic post. Life is good!