Feel Good Friday: For Neither the Rich, nor the Famous

by Lesley on July 17, 2009 · 1 comment

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I don’t typically read the New York Times Sunday Edition. If I do, it’s not to scan for the latest high society weddings. While stories of the rich and famous can be fun to read, they can also be a little bit, “barf-in-my-mouth.”  Who, really, is that wealthy, and that pretty, and that well educated. And why does our society think that two perfectly beautiful and wealthy people are naturally a match made in heaven?

This article in Thursday’s Sacramento Bee made me smile. Two recovering homeless drug addicts got married, and were featured in the New York Times most prestigious column: “Vows.” Can’t you just see the Real Housewives of Who Knows Where rolling their eyes right now?

More power to this couple, and my best wishes and prayers for a long and healthy marriage.

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That's a cool story.