Life, again.

by Lesley on April 13, 2009 · 4 comments

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Today is Easter and while we enjoyed a very beautiful 78 degree day, we’re now sitting next to a flickering fire– our very last for the season. Soon the weather will become unbearably hot, I’ll walk around barefoot and get awful calluses on my feet, and we’ll run the air conditioner until 10pm instead of waking up to a blasting heater. I’m really excited about all of these things.

I love that Easter is a spring holiday. Just last week, people were shuffling about town in sweaters and rain jackets, recovering from a hard winter with tumbling stocks and job loss after job loss. Winter, in many ways, is a symbol of death. It’s cold, and dark, and bare. Then, all of a sudden, you wake up one day to sun blaring into your bedroom. It’s warm again, the trees are green, and everyone is sneezing from the pollen in the air. Little girls in pig tails bounce to Sacred Heart in their Easter dresses, and I can’t help but tell them how beautiful they look. The coats and boots are gone, life is budding again. 
Today, our pastor talked about how Jesus’ resurrection happened on a normal day. It was the day AFTER the Jewish sabbath, which means it was kind of like a Monday morning. The week before had started so joyfully as Jesus rode into to crowds waving palm branches, but the hope quickly faded as the people watched Him face an injustice unlike any they’d ever seen.
Can you imagine being one of the women who came to the empty tomb? If I were them, I’d have woken up with a feeling of completely dread for the week ahead.  A week earlier they had celebrated; that Monday they were facing a third day without their Savior. And yet– a HUGE surprise awaited them. The tomb was empty! They could celebrate once again!
Today, this feeling of celebration was on my heart in a more meaningful way than other years. His Holy Spirit is alive and well; working amidst us each day. Too often, we don’t show our gratefulness for His sacrifice. We forget that the cross is actually a very ugly, horrific symbol of what we’d have faced at the end of our lives here on Earth. Instead, the cross we can now claim is covered in living flowers, just like those that our churches’ children used today to cover our sanctuary cross. 
It’s spring again. Death is gone, and Life has come. I am so thankful. 
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