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by Lesley on April 8, 2009 · 1 comment

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Have you ever gone on a long vacation, and returned with bubbling excitement and expectations that all of your friends and family would be dying to hear about your travels? And then everyone asks the same, mundane question, “So, how was vacation?” As soon as you start talking, their eyes glaze over and conversation quickly diminishes.

I’ve found, very often, that the same goes for conversations about careers. It’s hard to know how to talk to people about what they do at work, especially if you don’t understand their industry or job description. ┬áLucky for me, I actually enjoy my job. Sometimes it feels strange that more of my friends and family don’t really know what I do for the majority of my waking hours. If you’re curious, here’s a snippet of my life these days:
  • Helping run crisis communication for one of the area’s better known public schools– which includes calling reporters about “a tip from an unnamed source.” Juicy.
  • Researching the new face of food stamps in Sacramento. With this information, I’ll craft a story idea to local media about how one of our nonprofit clients is helping people use food stamps to eat healthy.
  • Conceptualizing marketing plans for three new clients: a local shelter for homeless teens, a food bank that collects fresh food instead of canned goods, and a homeless organization in the suburbs that partners with local churches for services.
  • Writing blogs and creating trainings on Facebook, Twitter, and Web 2.0
  • Writing eblasts to sell these homes, these Brownstones, and these Penthouses
  • Learning everything I can about healthcare reform in California in order to pitch national media next month for this client’s new report, What Matters Most?
  • Talking to local breast cancer survivors as I plan media outreach for Komen Sacramento’s Race for the Cure.
  • Learning about Props 1A-1F, and forming press releases for our local hispanic chamber to state their stance on the issues. (Vote YES to support small businesses!)
So, that’s an inside look at what life is like at work. What are you up to at your job?
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Aly sun
Aly sun

This was an interesting read. Your job sounds very diverse. The glazed-over look comes even faster if you have the privilege of being a stay at home mom. I usually get a half smile and "How nice for you," as though it is the easiest, most boring job in the whole world. It is demanding and rewarding and I haven't been bored since early November of 2004 (I remember my last bored day and miss it occasionally). This is why I blog.