The Myth of More

by Lesley on March 15, 2009 · 7 comments

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“No itch was ever satisfied by getting really good at scratching.” (unknown)

What are you itching these days? I’ll start by sharing what I itch…
  • I itch for just a little bit more money to travel
  • I itch for just a little bit more money to take my car to a car wash instead of washing it myself
  • I itch for those cute J. Crew capris, and pencil skirt. And purse. And shirts.
  • I itch for all the expensive free range chicken and organic fresh fruits and veggies at Whole Foods
  • I itch for a garage with storage space
  • I itch for chairs for my front porch
  • I itch for frames to hang above our bed
In general, I itch for a lot of worthless crap. Most of us do. It feels embarrassing to list it all out there.
A few weekends ago our pastor challenged us to think about the “Myth of More.” The Myth of More is when we convince ourselves that if we had just a little bit more, we’d be happy.
I’d consider myself a generally happy person. But, I don’t know that if I’d classify myself as joyful in all circumstances. More and more studies show a shocking NON connection between wealth and happiness. That’s because as we get more “stuff” we still always want more. A little more promotion, a little more house, a little more vacation.
Did you know, in 1970 20% of Americans thought it was essential to have a second car? In 2000, that number rose to 59%. In 1970, 3% of Americans thought it was necessary to have a second TV in their home. In 2000? 45% thought so.
Our economy is forcing us all to evaluate what is important. Is it our stuff? Can we do with less? Yes. We can. Jesus is reminding each of us that we really don’t need all that stuff.
As my dad always used to say to us kids, “Do you need it or do you want it? Because want and need are two different things.”
I hope this sermon challenges you as much as it challenged me.
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