Happy 50th Barbie

by Lesley on March 13, 2009 · 5 comments

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We spoke in hushed tones, the door shut so that no one could hear our conversations of marriage and babies. In our bedrooms, we created a fantasy world where white Corvette’s could sometimes fly, and babies were born without their moms ever having a bump. We didn’t yet realize that it was a little fishy to have Ken with a different gal each week, and while some might argue differently, I thought nothing of Barbie’s tiny waste and big boobs. 

Sometimes, my precious Barbies accompanied me to Amie’s house, where they met their ancient relatives– my mom’s and aunt’s old Barbies from the 60s. Allison and I would lift the heavy white trunk out of the guest bedroom closet, and carefully dress and undress each doll. This time in my life was magical. Innocent play, imaginations running wild, my brother pounding on our doors taunting us as he ran back to play with his Legos and train sets in the other room.
Allison quickly outgrew the Barbie phase, if she was ever truly in it with me. Eventually, years later, I joined her sentiments and moved on to the real world. I don’t think I actually gave up Skipper and the rest until Junior High. Just a short year or two later I was in high school, with my first boyfriend and a driver’s license. Looking back, it’s amazing how quickly a child turns into a young woman.
I don’t think I kept any of my Barbies, mostly because I chopped off all their hair in one wild spree, and there was no reason to keep them in all their Susan Powder glory. But someday, I hope to have the privilege of sitting with my own little girls as they create a fantasy world in their bedrooms. 
(photo credit to Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)
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