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by Lesley on March 3, 2009 · 4 comments

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I have so many things to say, and they all start with garlic and end with chicken stock. It’s been an exciting night in the kitchen. So exciting that my eyes are still puffy from the onions.

I love to cook, I love to read, and I love trying new things. The result is I often embark on ambitious recipes that end up taking a lot of time, and honestly, a lot of money. Yesterday I was on Worthington Wire for the first time. This site is new, started by the same gal who started Blissfully Domestic. Basically, it’s like a Drudge Report for girls! (If you don’t know what Drudge Report is then, well, you need to get on Wikipedia and get up to speed. Come on here people, this is 2009 and there is SO MUCH on this World Wide Web that some days I can’t even handle the excitement. Dramatic, I know.)
Anyway, after hopping around on Worthington Wire for a bit, I found a few new blogs that I’ll certainly be following. One is called The Simple Dollar which is a great blog in uncertain times such as these. On this site I found a recipe for really easy, really cheap breakfast burritos that I’m anxious to try. First though, I decided to make regular burritos. I’m a picky lunch eater, and sometimes our evenings are super hectic. I figured that if I have a stock of homemade frozen burritos that it might make life a little easier, and a little cheaper. As I type, I’m waiting for my homemade Spanish rice to finish. Then I’ll be setting up an assembly line to produce 24 burritos, which each cost only 66 cents.
Now, get excited. This is where I get totally domestic. Proverbs 31 woman, watch out. I found another site called FoodieView. Here you just type in random ingredients that you have in your fridge or pantry. Search results produce a list of recipes that use all those ingredients you enter! For instance, I entered “mushrooms” (because I had a whole bunch from last week’s Chinese food that were going to go bad) and “risotto.” Quite a few different recipes came up but I decided to use one that called for chicken stock, because well, I have a lot of it (also from last week’s chicken adventure). 
As luck would have, my Spanish rice also called for garlic, onions, and chicken stock. I ended up substituting Romano cheese for pepper jack, because I had purchased a huge chunk for the burritos. The result? I spent only about an hour in the kitchen tonight with my (eager?) assistant but got two great meals for relatively inexpensive. They have very similar ingredients but turn out with completely different tastes. Yum.
For the garlic mushroom risotto recipe, click here. It turned out soooo good. So, can I get some applause for my domesticity? Now all I need are triplets.
photo credit to: Jezm2000’s photostream
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