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by Lesley on February 25, 2009 · 1 comment

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Ever heard of Yan Can Cook? I hadn’t. But, that didn’t stop me from carting myself out on a rainy Sunday to see his live (and FREE!) cooking demonstration at the downtown library. I got there an hour early, by myself, to get a good seat. In typical bookworm fashion I brought a thick read and zoned out the paparazzi-like crowd until his demo started. Yan has been on various cooking television programs since 1982, so he knew how to entertain, and teach, an eager mass of people. Click here to read the Sac Bee article about his demo.

I have never eaten better food than when we traveled in China. For three months we ate so many types of regional dishes, and only a handful of times did I really miss American food. There was always so many different kinds of food to try, and Jonathan and I left every meal stuffed. Someday I hope to cook Chinese food that even remotely resembles what we tasted there.
After Yan’s demo (where he chopped a whole chicken up in 18 seconds, and cut a cucumber into sixty perfect slices), I headed to TJ’s for groceries. With motivation larger than actual skill, I purchased a whole chicken. Then I returned home to watch You Tube videos on how to carve the little guy. I didn’t completely fail, but, I’m really glad no one was home to see my pulling bones apart and flinging chicken skin across the kitchen.

My efforts completely paid off. Today I have homemade chicken stock in the freezer for my next soup recipe, and we made a great meal last night that was somewhat quick and very easy. Yan’s secrets? A marinade made with soy sauce, beer, and corn starch.

Bring your chopsticks and come over for a meal!
p.s. can you believe this picture!? Who would buy a whole chicken in a can. eeewwwwwww! credit to: disneymike.)
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Aly sun
Aly sun

I watch Yan Can Cook on PBS on Saturdays. I love that guy! How cool that you got to see him live. I love how he does everything so showy -- very entertaining. The key to cutting up a chicken is a very good, sharp knife. I don't own one that is nice enough, so I usually cook the chicken whole or buy it in pieces (don't tell Yan). I'm impressed with your ambitions!