What I would have said, if I’d said it…

by Lesley on February 20, 2009 · 5 comments

in santa barbara

What I’ve thought about writing about this week, but have chosen not to write about because I’m playing on my new MacBook instead:

Should I write about how I have a new MacBook but that I’m a little worried to tell the blogosphere since I just said last week that we have no money and you’ll think I’m all weird for getting a MacBook when we’re in the middle of a recession? Nah.
Should I write about how sweet my husband was for surprising me with it, and using our tax refund to help buy it when we should probably be saving it for his Bar classes? Nah.
Should I write about how I’m annoyed that J. Crew sends me a new catalog every two weeks but I’m too lazy to cancel them because I tried once before and they never stopped sending? Plus, I don’t have any money left to buy their $200 sandals because I spent it all on the MacBook. So, nah…no more on this.
Should I explain why I went to Santa Barbara to visit Jenny, but told no one else that I was coming? (Well, I probably should explain that one to all of the rest of you who live in SB. Sorrrrryyyy!)
Should I talk about how great of a time I did have in SB– watching Jenny open her Valentine’s gift, making frosted sugar cookies, visiting the Cottage babies, eating Whodiddly Cupcakes, lusting after the clothes at LuLu Lemon, watching the storm at Hendry’s Beach with Peach? Nah. That would just make you jealous.
Should I discuss how odd it felt to walk through Westmont’s campus with Katie because it feels little like it did when I was a student? 
Should I mention tonight’s Light the Capitol Pink, and how inspired I was by the sea of people who showed up at our State Capitol to rally against breast cancer? 
Should I say that although I always, truly miss my husband when he’s gone for a weekend, I enjoy these quiet nights on the couch, Oscar anticipation, and a weekend with a book.
Well, I said these things in own lazy way I suppose. Such is life. 
(image: mine, taken of the prayer chapel at westmont college)
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