Tell tale indicators a girl [me] hasn’t grown up

by Lesley on February 12, 2009 · 4 comments

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There are days when I feel my age, ( 27!! AUGH! today!) But there are other days I don’t feel like I’m growing up at all. Here are just a few things that help me feel like I’m 17:

  • I still find midgets fascinating
  • I eat dessert every night, no matter what, and even if it means sneaking ice cream straight from the carton when Jonathan isn’t looking
  • I still have acne (UGH!)
  • I enter “Win a Vacation” contest–sometimes once per week. I haven’t won yet but you’ll be the first to know when I do.
  • I love McDonald’s chicken nuggets like they were invented yesterday
  • I wear tights to work

So, what keeps you young? (P.S. Early birthday shout-out to Brenda! I expect an answer from you.)

photo credit to: Edbord Photography
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Kelli Jane
Kelli Jane

we have got to get together soon..i love your blog! "Happy belated Birthday" too...I'll be joining you in the 27 club here in May =)

Brenda Susan
Brenda Susan

Hey! Thanks for the birthday shout out! I actually gasped out loud (gol?) when I just read my name in your blog!!


Happy Birthday, friend. Hope it's a lovely one.My telltale indicators are...1)i play with my six year old neighbor Blake's toys, like his playhouse and scooter, even when he's moved on to the next game for the hour.2)i can't get enough of Kix & Cheerios cereal. seriously cannot get enough.3)i still sometimes operate by the maxim of "do not talk to strangers".4)whenever i ride a bike i take my hands off the handlebars for at least a block.

Aly sun
Aly sun

Happy Birthday. It is my sister-in-law's 27th birthday today as well. Crazy! That is such a claim to fame that your husband's first cousin-once-removed (that you have never met) has a sister-in-law with the same birthday as you.PS I have a good friend who actually won one of those enter-to-win trips -- a cruise, so keep it up. Someone has to be the lucky recipient.