A sappy post, for Sarah.

by Lesley on January 27, 2009 · 1 comment

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My weekend: sweet time with a friend I’ve known longer than most, a girl who owns more jeans than most boutiques keep in stock, a woman who planned me an amazing bridal shower before I got married and bought me an entire CASE of wine this weekend from our favorite local winery. She’s the only girl that Jonathan would allow to call him “Pooper.” She’s sassy, and smart, and outspoken, and funny. She saw Bride Wars with me and we both rolled our eyes at all the same places. She carried on a months long e-mail debate with my dad on their political candidates, and wants to change the world for the good after she graduates from UCI this spring with her MBA. She knows what she wants, but still remains true to me, her friend. And I love her for it!

Thanks Hach for visiting me this weekend. I miss you.
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Not to get too sappy on you right back, but this weekend was so special to me. I laughed to myself (I know, I know) the whole flight home thinking about our million-hour phone calls "solving global hunger problems," that ridiculously awesome science class we took at OCC where our teacher talked about snot and doorknobs and took us to the trash compactor for a field trip, and all the laughs and fun times I've been blessed to share with you over the last (OMG) 14 years :). I loved visiting you and pooper this weekend, and can't wait until next time!! Love you to pieces, Sarah