Tell tale indicators a girl [me] is growing up

by Lesley on November 8, 2008 · 2 comments

in for fun,lessons learned

On the weekend, you wake up by 8:00am without an alarm clock. You smile and think, “I love sleeping in.”… You purchase a Real Simple subscription and study the cleaning techniques…You bring an air mattress to the high school girls’ sleepover…You buy the new chocolatey cereal at Trader Joe’s, eat a bowl, hate it, and then go back to your fiber cereal…You purchase anti wrinkle cream…A summer goes by without ever getting a tan because you’re a. too busy and b. scared of skin cancer.
How are you growing up?
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Lesley Miller
Lesley Miller

I love your NPR comment because I just started listening recently at work and I wanted to include it in my list, but I sorta felt like I haven't been listening long enough to really claim it as a habit. Now, as far as you scooping up dead birds, that's impressive. Seriously.

Anna Jordan
Anna Jordan

I love that you just posted this because I was actually formulating a very similar post myself. I haven't necessarily found myself growing up in the ways you have (aside from the fact that I loathe chocolatey cereal).My grown up list looks a little bit more like this:1. I listen to NPR 95% of the time I'm in the car - and I like it.2. I read Newsweek cover to cover nearly every week.3. On Thursday my dear sweet dog found a dead bird and presented it to me on our patio. I successfully distracted the dog from the bird, got a shovel, scooped the bird into a paper bag and carried it to the trash all by myself! (FYI - I totally hate birds - dead or alive - they creep me out big time). It was after that experience that I said to myself: "You, my dear, are a grown up! Way to go!"