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You think I’m going to attend my very first NFL game and not blog about it? Ha. No way Jose.
Let’s start with today and work our way backwards. Above is picture proof that I went to the Niners/Seahawks game and liked it. I’d just also like to take this chance to say that Anna and Shane came all the way up from Santa Barbara to watch their Niners lose to Seattle’s second string. (Hasselbeck was injured, so sad.)

But, enough with the trash talking, because who am I kidding? I’m a poser. Anna, on the other hand, is legit. The girl knows her stuff and taught me a thing or two during the third quarter. I now understand “touchbacks”, as well as everything I about the 49ers coaching staff. I found myself actually enjoying sports talk radio on the way home from the game. Yes, yes, I know. Close that dropped jaw. This could just be a phase I’m going through so let’s not get too excited. Yet. The day was made even better by having Jonathan’s dad join us at the last minute, and getting to tailgate with my friend Chelsea from work.

The rest of the weekend was also out-of-the-ordinary. We got in our 11.5 miles on Saturday morning in preparation for next weekend’s race. I just about died trying to keep up with Jonathan. Serves me right for taking a week off, and then getting sick. My underdog comeback is happening very slowly. (Picture below of Jonathan at Jamba Juice for our after run pick-me-up.)

Then, I mixed in a bit of culture by going to 40 Acres’ new exhibit, Images of the African American Worship Experience. 40 Acres is a client, and I’ve spent the last six weeks promoting their current show. It was fun to finally see the collection and attend a seminar called Politics and the Pulpit. Very interesting conversation about the role of politics in the African American church.

We whipped up some yummy sweet potato risotto and turkey for Nate, who rolled into town on Saturday night for the annual Seahawks game. After dinner we all went to see All Hallows Orchestra perform Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at a cathedral downtown. It was a gorgeous venue, and we all appreciated the experience although I must admit that my apple pie cobbler afterwards was probably the highlight of the night.

And there you have it. The weekend in recap from sports, to art, to music.
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