Far from it all

by Lesley on October 24, 2008 · 4 comments

in travel

I don’t think its uncommon to go overseas and be changed. It’s the reason we all keep going back-in one way or another- chasing adventure, a break from the normal, a chance to use our gifts, a desire for knowledge and service. It’s what’s taken Chase & Lisa to S. Africa, Zack to Kenya, Matt to Europe, Katie to Mozambique, Ryan & Janny to Korea. Through each of their stories we get to live out pieces of our own past.

I’m certainly not the first one , or the second one, to blog about my Europe memories. A group of 30 or so Westmont students take the trek each fall, and I’d imagine each semester thinks they are unique for becoming amazing friends, with memories unlike anyone before them has ever created. And without sounding cliche, this was true for me. Girls that I barely knew before that trip have become some of my closest friends…

Every fall, without fail, I go through my Europe journal and play the “Where was I when” game. Where was I on October 24th 2003? Singing Happy Birthday to Corinne in Taize, France. (P.S. Happy B-day Corinne!)

Today, my brother-in-law Matt is at Shloss Mittersill in Austria. (Warning- don’t visit his blog unless you want to read about gas. It is sorta funny, I’ll admit.) I can picture this castle on a hill, the big corner room where I listened to Jonathan’s mix CD that had come in the mail. My view that was like a fairy tale. The strange glass room that overlooked the valley below, where snow fell and lights twinkled and chimney smoke circled. Where I listened to Christmas carols, ate Gingerbread Milkas, anticipated home. I can’t help but be a little bit wishing I could re-live these moments again.

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