The Great State

by Lesley on October 9, 2008 · 4 comments

in travel

There have been many happy memories made in Colorado. If I wasn’t such a die-hard California fan, Colorado would be my second pick for Favorite State Award. The people are friendly, healthy and active, the skies are so very blue, and the state is home to Amy and Anne.

As I get ready to pack my bags for my second favorite state, I fondly remember…

  • Almost dying on the Million Dollar highway when my family’s RV lost it’s breaks
  • Floating the chilly river with Anne, Matt and all their friends in summer 2001
  • Taking Lori and Erin’s Focus on the Family tour during our spring break road trip in 2003
  • Attacking millions of moths in the guest house with Lori and Jenny
  • Visiting Panera for the first time. Going back the next day, and the next day, and the next day.
  • Listening to Jenny rustle around all night scared of bears in Aspen. Checking into a hotel the next night.
  • Watching Amy and Anne walk the aisle (separately, but within two weeks of each other)

Girls, less than 24 hours until the fun begins! Get excited for me to rub your buddha bellies.

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Mikey Brown
Mikey Brown

1. Great post, as always. What I like in particular about this post is how you shed light on something extremely close to my heart: the greatness of Colorado. In my opinion it goes 1. Colorado 2. California, but I suppose we both have homestate bias.2. You failed to mention that your good friend Mikey is from Colorado too. I mean, I just want you to present the best blog posts possible, and if blogs are about informing and entertaining your readers, you should mention that your husband's sister's boyfriend is from Colorado, just so people know. You could say something along the lines of "Mikey, my husband's sister's boyfriend, and also a very good man, is from Colorado too." Just a thought.3. I am clearly bored at work. I hope your visit to "the great state" went well. My visit to the other great state was good. Maybe next time we are in each other's states we can hang out longer than dinner at In and Out. (Possibly Turkey Day, we'll see what Mrs. Miller decides).

Lesley Miller
Lesley Miller

Yes Anna, in response to your question, Jenny IS from Alaska. And you raise a great point. However, two things: 1. In Alaska, bears = grizzly bears2. When she camps in Alaska, she has a gun.sooo....since we had no gun, she was feeling a little weary about the situation. I have no doubt that if we had a gun under our pillows, the girl would have slept soundly.

lori lester
lori lester

I was just remembering the moths yesterday with both laughter and terror...See you tonight!

SportsFan's Daughter
SportsFan's Daughter

Ummm, isn't Jenny from ALASKA? Doesn't that make it against her birthright to be afraid of bears? Shouldn't she be some kind of pit bull with lipstick? Or pig with lipstick? Or something?