Learning to be your wife

by Lesley on October 5, 2008 · 3 comments

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Dear Jonathan,

Five years ago today, on your 21st birthday, I called you from Rome on a scratchy pay phone and told you I wanted to marry you someday. I think you were shocked. We nervously laughed about it… I had butterflies in my stomach. And then I came home that December and a year later we were engaged. I’ll never forget that birthday of yours even though we didn’t spend it together.

We’ve figured out a lot about marriage since then. I still haven’t learned how to tie your tie so it’s fortunate that you have. I also haven’t learned how to give you a haircut, but that task is still on my list of to-dos since your hair grows faster than anyone I know. I’ve also really struggled in the whole mens clothing department. I’m sorry that my dad works for Quiksilver and I only know beach attire. I couldn’t tell you which belt goes with what shoes or the right shirt to wear to a semi-formal wedding. I know you count on me sometimes to help you those things out, but I’ve turned out to be only somewhat reliable in that department. We’ve also figured out I hate budgeting and the sound of that Quicken alarm on our computer can really put me in a bad mood at night, so I appreciate that you warn me ahead of time that we need to talk about our finances and I’m really sorry when I still don’t want to.
Besides our occasional disagreements about which milk to buy (Lactaid? 2%? Soy?) we’ve settled into a routine that is familiar and comfortable. I set the alarm. You sleep through it. I drag you to run with me. You try to keep up (ha ha). I clean like my life depends on it, you remind me to slow down. You’ve opened my mind to the wide world of Fantasy Football…and Fantasy Baseball…and Fantasy Basketball. Hopefully, I’ve opened your life to lovely things like gardening and an occasional afternoon at the mall.

But most importantly– we’ve seen each others bad sides and we still choose each other. I can be a really, really big mess sometimes for no good reason. I stress out and freak out and you stick with me patiently. You forgive me endlessly. You are my rock. I love you for being my partner and my friend from the very beginning.

So, today on your 26th birthday, I’m publicly telling you all the things that most normal people would just write in a birthday card. But, I didn’t get a birthday card yet so you’re going to have to be okay with this public declaration of my love and affection. Plus, I just saved us $3.50 by putting it all out here. See?! I’m learning how to save money just from being your wife!

I love you and happy birthday.
Anna Q- thanks for the inspiration.
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SportsFan's Daughter
SportsFan's Daughter

Just so long as you didn't let him buy that American Pride biker jacket...

Aly sun
Aly sun

Really beautiful. Sniff, sniff. A good marriage is one of life's greatest blessings and you two sure seem to have it good.