Not-So-Fall / Things I Don’t Understand

by Lesley on September 29, 2008 · 2 comments

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It’s been in the high 90s all weekend. I thought summer was coming to an end, but it has instead taunted, “Just Kidding!” I’m trying to have a good attitude about the weather, and remember that there is a long winter ahead when I’ll be yearning for sun, but right now all I want to do is have hot cider, bake and apple pie and wake up to rain.

On to other things I don’t understand… so, I was at the mall this afternoon shopping for baby shower gifts and Jonathan’s birthday present. You’d have thought it was the night before Christmas. I circled forever trying to find a spot! At the Apple store there were so many people that I had to fight my way through the crowd to get Jonathan’s arm band for his ipod. (He knows I bought this so I’m not spoiling the secret). People were buying laptops and nanos and phone like it wasn’t a thing! Recession? What recession?!? I don’t get it… when I got home we looked up the arm band on Amazon and found it for half the price I paid. Naturally, we’d already ripped open the package BEFORE looking on Amazon. Brilliant.

Finally, the last thing I don’t understand is Sacramento’s shrubbery service. In SacTown we’ve got a LOT of trees which equals a LOT of branches and leaves during Autumn. Instead of putting the leaves in a big trash barrell, everyone puts their trimmings on the street in piles. Then, once a week, a truck comes to pick up the trimmings. What happens is that for most of the week, we have piles up and down our streets with big bunches of leaves making it impossible to park. It’s the ultimate (and only) real sign of fall so far besides Starbucks Pumpkin drinks, as Anna Q pointed out last week.

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