Johnny America Takes On America (In his own words)…

by Lesley on August 19, 2008 · 4 comments

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Hello everyone,

I asked Lesley if I could have a guest blog spot on her amazing blog for my cross country road trip. Based on our previous history i was taken by surprise when she actually agreed. Now that she has given me this opportunity i better not mess up her street cred in the blog world.

I have just driven 12 hours today from Albuquerque to Springfield Missouri. The drive mostly sucked and I have another of the same length tomorrow. However I have learned a couple of lessons already.

1) There are no Chevrons or Texaco’s east of New Mexico (this sucks when your only gas card is for these two brands)
2) Sweet tea at Cracker Barrel is good
3) My favorite highway of the day goes to Oklahoma’s toll roads. There was no traffic and the roads were great. For 7 bucks we drove from Oklahoma City to the border in great speed.
4) 4:00 pm is a terrible time for a meal. Totally screwed up my body clock. Sarah and I decided to call this Dunch.
5) Books on tape suck. Books are meant to be read not listened to.

(Lesley’s note: Didn’t my husband do well with his post? I’m so proud of him. Can’t wait to post pictures of his travels when I can! Also, “Johnny America” is a name his friends fondly gave him on his Asia business trip in 2005.)

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