Blogging for Dinosaurs – Part II

by Lesley on August 11, 2008 · 0 comments

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When my brother, sister and I were young, my dad gave each of us a black three ring binder. Inside we were to collect newspaper articles we liked, poems, pictures, letters from friends, or anything else that touched our hearts and minds. What a unique idea to get your kids to think on a deeper level.

It guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that my favorite new blog tool is, the most popular “social booking” site in existence. This website is sort of like a virtual three ring binder. Except it’s a lot less bulky.

What is social bookmarking? Well– have you ever been to a website or an article that you really like and want to remember for the future? Perhaps you mark in in your brower’s favorites tab. But what if you want to access that website at work? Or maybe share the interesting Newsweek article with your sister? With delicious, you can do both of those things. As an example, I read a hilarious fantasy football article last year by a woman whose husband is sports obssessed. Last weekend I found the article and tagged it in my delicious account. If you want to read it, you just click on the delicious tab on the right side of this page. So easy!

So, feel free to browse through some of the articles I’ve been tagging recently. There aren’t many yet but keep checking back! This is also a great tool for many companies. I created an account for my company and have tagged all of our client’s media coverage. Now when a potential client asks to see our media work I can simply show them our delicious account.

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