Believe the Hype

by Lesley on August 7, 2008 · 2 comments

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I wrote a really nice post about how much I love Sacramento, and how it was so great to move here two years ago, and I even found a really great news article today that I posted to my delicious account for you all to read…. and then I gave a great update on what our next year looks like so that everyone knows how excited we are for Jonathan to graduate in May and take the Bar in July and how we’re nervous for his job interviews this fall and how we could end up anywhere and how you should just pray for us that we figure it all out. And then Jonathan read it and politely requested that I not share so much on my blog so that what I write doesn’t affect him getting a future job and then I got angry because I’d worked so hard on our life update and didn’t have any more energy left in me to edit and so in a fit of frustration I just deleted the whole post and Anna’s nice comment about it. So, if you want to know about our life, please call me and I’ll give you the whole kaboodle over the phone.

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Brenda Susan
Brenda Susan

Exactly why my hubby & sons do not read my blog. Sons don't even know about it. SHH....