10 Things Not to Say to a Tall Girl

by Lesley on July 23, 2008 · 10 comments

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10 Things Not to Say to a Tall Girl
Wow. You are sooooooo tall! (Really? You are sooooooo short!)

With how tall you are you really don’t need to wear heels. (Thanks, but I wasn’t wearing them to be taller. I’m wearing them because they’re fashionable and I’m trying to fit in like the rest of you. If it makes you self conscious I suggest you get yourself a higher pair of heels to keep up.)

Do you play volleyball? (Yes, I did at one point in my life and sometimes I still do. I took up the sport because people like you told me I should.)

Are you taller than your husband? (Does it matter?)

Are your parents tall? (Not really… they aren’t giants or anything. Maybe it’s all the milk I drank as a child? It does a body good.)

Is it hard to be bigger than everyone else? (Only when people like you call me big. I’m not big. I’m tall. Only I myself am allowed to refer to myself as big. And that’s only after I’ve eaten a massive dinner.)

It’s probably kind of nice to be able to see over people though at movies, right? (Actually, 5’11’’ isn’t that tall. For a girl, maybe. In general, I am not a freak of nature. Taller people actually do sit in front of me in movies and at church and I get just as angry as you that they’re blocking my view.)

I wonder how tall your children will be? (I wonder if you’ll have short children and if they’ll be annoying?)

Is it hard to find pants that fit? (Yes, actually it is… which is why many times my pants are too short and I look dumb.)

At least you’re skinny. (Um, thank you?)

As a side note—while I used to be self conscious of my height, I now like it. A lot. What I don’t like is my boat size feet that come with the package. I came to the conclusion today that they’ve recently grown, which is why all my shoes hurt. I refuse to buy size 11 shoes and will just continue to hobble in pain for the rest of life.

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