God Put a Smile Upon My Face

by Lesley on July 22, 2008 · 1 comment

in music

Katie went to a symphony this past year in Africa and said it was an experience that brought her closer to God.. which is how I felt on Friday night at the Coldplay concert during one single moment when everyone sang Yellow together. It reminded me that someday we will all sing in Heaven together and the noise and emotion and sound will make the hair on my arms stand straight up and the smile on my face will become uncontrollable.
Besides the spiritual stuff, Coldplay just plain put on a fantastic show. The singing, besides a song or two, was right on. Chris ran from stage to stage, and into the crowd, charming us all like crazy. (Well, I’ll speak for myself and the women in the audience). While some San Jose reviews called the butterfly confetti drop “cheesy” I thought it was magical and fun. Thanks Matt and Jonathan for letting me be giddy and having so much fun together…Thanks Emily for the pictures (some of which are posted on her blog!)
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