Kick-off to fabulous

by Lesley on July 21, 2008 · 2 comments

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I just got back from a fabulous, fabulous weekend away and I’m kind of still glowing in how much fun I had. There’s a lot to share about the weekend, and I’m not really prepared to do it all tonight, so to tide myself over I thought I’d post a few pictures from Thursday night’s adventure on the river. Matt was up here visiting us and we were able to borrow kayaks for a sunset paddle. I’ve never kayaked this portion of the American– and it was incredibly peaceful, calm, and silent.

What do you think about the first picture in this post? It’s edited using Picnik, a new find from this weekend’s conference. It’s basically Photoshop– for free! And it’s easy! I’m really excited to play with this website. More to come this week on Blogher ’08.

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Matt Miller
Matt Miller

Let's just say I put your blog on my blog so now I can read your blog as soon as it's updated on my blog. Thanks for the "hotlink".


i LOVE picnik! (and i'm working on my weekend post, too...)