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Summertime is officially here and Sacramento is over 100 degrees today. Yesterday I actually biked home in the heat and didn’t die. I think it’s a sign that I’ve kinda, sorta adapted. At least I’m not whining like I was the first summer we moved here.

It’s been a busy few weeks…busier in fact than I’ve been in a long time. Those who know me well can attest that I don’t particularly like being busy. I can’t remember my Myers Briggs (Corinne?) but I do know that I’m an introvert and I thrive when I have quiet, uninterrupted time alone. So while I’ve filled my time the last few weeks with wonderful things, I can easily feel stressed out when I’m gone every night and rushing from one event to the next. The problem is, for more free time I’d need to say no to things that I’m really enjoying– like tutoring, seeing old friends (my college roommate Marie was in town last week!), going with Jonathan to high school group at church, and spending a lot of weekends away on various adventures. It’s a good thing that Jonathan is working for the summer and is serving me so well. He gets home before 5pm and has been cooking and grocery shopping for us! I love it.

Last weekend we braved even hotter weather for Palm Springs, where we attended the Resolved Conference. Steve and Marlene, Jonathan’s parents, sent us as a Christmas gift along with Katie, Sarah, Matthew and Katie’s boyfriend Mikey. The conference was really good– the topic was Heaven & Hell. I haven’t ever been to a conference like this one so it was stretching in many, many ways. I won’t even say that it was all that enjoyable in the moment…I wrestled with a lot of things that came up and felt frustrated and confused. I will say that once we came back home I couldn’t stop thinking about many of the things that were preached and I’ve been reaching out to God in new ways this week–more on this hopefully in the future.

Another big smiley part of the week was that we got really good Coldplay tickets!! Thanks to Allison and Jeremiah, who purchased them for us while we were at the Conference! (We also, thanks to the suggestion of a smart friend, bought a few extra tickets which we’ve sold this week on Craig’s List. With the profits we paid of our own tickets. Yes!) I’ve been rocking out to the new album all week which is really, really good. Seriously, go buy it.

For those of you who know my obsession with Reagan (as in the President) you’ll be pleased to know I’m reading a book right now by his former speechwriter, Peggy Noonan. My boss recommended it to me and so I checked it out at the library a few weekends ago. So far, I’m enjoying reading about the inside workings of the White House, even if at this pace it takes me all summer to finish.

Back to cleaning my nasty kitchen. Real Simple came this week with a tiny cleaning guide attached. When I read it, I realized I’m a horrible cleaner and that I probably have salmonella growing all over my kitchen, which then kicked in the hypochondriac in me to think about mold and how maybe mold is growing in our walls that could someday cause our future children birth defects. Moral of the story: we bought new cleaners today that are not green friendly but will kill anything and everything in my house that is potentially a germ. Just another day in Sacramento paradise…

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DUR I wish I read this before I emailed you about the concert. Please go and sway/sing/dance/scream/wear a beater a la Backstreet Boys for me.


I'm meant for that valley summer heat. It's caused an onset of homesickness. For your visualizing pleasure: I'm wearing my down puffy jacket, sweats and uggs....I also use an electric blanket at night and have a space heater that is always on. Also jealous that you got coldplay tickets! so fun. I'm going to email you soon :)


you are an ISFJ with some N tendencies. one of the sweetest types out of the 16.