Whiffleball and Wine

by Lesley on May 27, 2008 · 4 comments

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In my opinion, community is one of God’s greatest blessings. Many times this past weekend I looked around at all of our friends, our community, and thanked Him for the friendship that extend far beyond raucous dinners and games of whiffleball. In our Sacramento community, we live with the intention of being each other’s family, a support, people who encourage one another, who pray together, who laugh with each other, who share our resources (from cars to bottles of wine) who prefer silly, random times together, who take risks together, who see each others needs and try to fill them. I don’t think we’ve figured it all out yet, but I can certainly say we have something special.

I think some people find it strange that we’ve settled in a hot Northern California city with a huge community of Westmont friends. “Did you plan this?” we’re often asked. “Do you only hang out with each other?” “Do you go to the same church?” “So, how often do you really see each other? Everyday?!?”

The answer– no we didn’t really plan this. Not really. School brought some of us. Jobs brought others. You could say Jesus planned it all and we got lucky. Yes, we spend a lot of time together. Sometimes we see each other everyday, other times a week goes by. Some go to the same church, others don’t. Sometimes we have random bible studies together, other times we prefer just to eat. We run in the park. We play games and eat dessert. We barbecue. We watch Grey’s Anatomy. We water each others gardens and pick up each others mail when we go on vacation. All of us have borrowed the use of Sam & Sharon’s laundry machine at least once. When we all get invited to the same wedding in San Diego, we do whatever it takes to carpool.
All in all, this group makes Sacramento home for now. They are our familiar, our best of times, our support, our laughter. They are what I’m most thankful for today.
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