Pray for China Earthquake Victims

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I know I’ve already posted two novels today already, but if you only read one of them read this one. Below is an e-mail forwarded to me from one of our friends from China. It gives specific ways you can pray for believers in China who are affected by the earthquake. Donations can be made by visiting Click on Donations and specify China Earthquake.

Thanks everyone!

———————————————————————————————May 2008 China Earthquake

“B” is our contact in China
WS is WorldServe Ministries
HC is house church

At least two Bible schools that we supported are out of contact since the earthquake occurred. These two underground training schools are located within 30 miles to Wenchuan county, the epicenter of this quake. These two schools have 76 students between them at the moment and are run by different movements. We called them right after the quake occurred, but we’ve received no reply for the last 36 hours. Please pray for them;

B has sent 6 willing co-workers and pastors to go to Sichuan province, Shaanxi province, Gansu province and Chongqing municipality where causalities were reported after the quake, but rescue efforts are being hampered by heavy rain and badly damaged roads, we do have “friends” in these locations who are being affected by the quake, but communication is limited in the last 36 hours;

For some of the places that we have connections with, some instances of death were reported; our friends need clothing, food, water, camping tents, flashlights, oil lamps, cell phones with fully charged batteries, as well as other supplies. B has already arranged some funds through our China team to get these materials to our friends;

Our friends say thank you to all your prayers, they are working hard to help those who were buried before the army and government workers come, many places are without government help yet;

B has mobilized thousands of Christians in China to pray for the situation and many would go there to help if they could, they will bring in materials mentioned above.

8 of the groups that WS supported has house churches in the earthquake area, and they are all affected severely; reports are still limited due to the lack of mobile phone service available, but we already know that each of the 8 movements have reported death within the Christian community. Many house churches (host families’ home) are destroyed, believers are still buried beneath the debris and most of the villages do not receive any help from the officials. Many are expected to die in the next few days if no food, water and medicine are provided. Some of our China team members who already arrived in the areas said that it is like hell, please pray for them;
B has mobilized 10 teams to go into different villages to see how we can help; we bring in some food and water but we do not have the money now to do anything more, these teams will go and comfort people and share the gospel and hope with them. In the meantime, we do need travel money and cash to cover various expenses, particularly in medicine and supplies;

The HC are praying that support will come so that they can rebuild Bible schools and help the host family to rebuild their homes as these are house churches. The government may be able to provide some funding for the rebuild but will not be enough, we will work to find out the real needs, and put money into the right people, and will keep everyone and everything accountable;

Donations will go 100% and directly into those who are in need, and they are all Christians. There are already large donations made by various agencies around the world to the Chinese government. While we await the government to distribute those funds, we will focus to help the church to rebuild and help the Christian family who are affected;

Reports already told us that there are many orphans now, since many parents died during the earthquake. Our friends said that there are at least 30 orphans in a village they’ve passed through, and there are many, many more such villages. Let us do something for them through the house church movements;

In one village, all the houses are destroyed; about 40 Christian families do not have home and many are injured;

In a small town hospital, there are many survivors (about 200) without relatives nearby; many of the survivors’ relatives had perished in the earthquake, leaving them helpless and crippled, while others are working in big cities and could not return home to check on their loved ones. Part of the ministry at the moment is to comfort and support these survivors spiritually and emotionally;

Up to May 17, there are at least 9 Bible school destroyed by this earthquake.

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