by Lesley on April 24, 2008 · 1 comment

in biking,highs/lows

Have I talked about the high/low game I play with my girlfriends? I think I have, but if not, here are the rules:

1. Get together with good girlfriends, a husband, a mom, and/or your blog readers.
2. Preferably, eat good food.
3. Share the best and worst parts of your day/week/month.

The past week’s highs:
Doxie Derby Race at Davis Picnic Day
New Volkswagen and Target commercials– love Heidi Klum
Realizing how much mint is growing in the backyard. Mmmmmm….mojitos this summer!
Making my very first strawberry rhubarb cobbler (with produce from the Farmer’s Market, of course!)
Successful tutoring session with my new Pakistani friends

Getting my bike tires stolen yesterday. Crying about it.
My leg won’t stop twitching. It’s annoying. Is something wrong with me?
Ripping up half of the mint to make room for other seeds. Those roots are tough!
Busy Busy Busy, eat, busy busy busy, go home, busy, eat, sleep, do it all over again.

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