Pinkberry / Yogurtland

by Lesley on December 30, 2007 · 0 comments

in family,food

I have finally joined the Hollywood elite and tried Pinkberry. I loved it. It’s funny though, because I tried a similar type of yogurt in Sacramento and I didn’t like it very much. But everyone claims that Pinkberry grows on you, and indeed, it has. I loaded up a plain tart with mochi, rasberries and pinapple. Heaven. Katie, Sarah and Jonathan didn’t like it as much.

Today my mom and sister and I hung out. Pure Bliss: Jalapenos (Irvine’s best mexican!), a pedicure and Yogurtland. Yogurtland is Allison’s favorite new place– a self serve yogurt store with regular and tart yogurts. I again loaded up on mochi and other fresh fruits. The best part? You don’t leave feeling like your want to throw up, which tends to happen when I hit Golden Spoon or my Sacramento favorite spot, Big Spoon. I suppose I need to learn when to say no but I have a sweet tooth that I can’t control. New Year’s Resolution #1 is to cut back on my sugar intake. I think I may have some difficulty with that…

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