Green God

by Lesley on November 20, 2007 · 5 comments

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This just in: the green craze has even made it to church. Sunday’s sermon on “The Theology of Living Green” was really fun and thought provoking so I thought I’d share a little bit here.

As you might recall, one of my goals this past year has been to be “more ecologically aware”. It hasn’t been too difficult– I’ve found that most major magazines, tv shows and news outlets are promoting green in some way or another. (Green beauty products, green eating, green hotels, green homes…etc.) At work, I focus on green living almost daily because most of our Northern California homebuilders have gone solar. One of our clients, Lennar Homes, debuted the nation’s largest solar neighborhood earlier this year right in Roseville! We have had the priviledge as a company to plan most media events and press related to Lennar’s acheivement. Just today we landed a new company who installs solar panels on homes. At this point, Sacramento is leading the nation in solar home options. If you live here and are in the market for a new home, it’s almost stupid not to buy one that comes with green features. (Homeowners are spending only $5 in the summer to cool their five bedroom homes in 100 degree plus weather! Wow!) Anyway, that was a random tangent…

Any google search will lead to findings and reports that say scientists are “virtually certain” global warming exists and is caused by fossil fuels humans create. Although it’s impossible for us to know if this is just another “cycle” we’re going through in Earth’s changes, we cannot compare today to 1,000 years ago. 1,000 years ago we did not have the machines, chemicals and population that we do today. All that to say, I’m also virtually certain that we have polluted our planet to a deadly degree.

On Sunday we read Genesis 2:4-15. Vs. 15 says, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” You’ll notice that God does not say that we are given ownership of this earth, but rather the authority to care for it. We are given a responsibility to be stewards and caretakers. Our pastor made point that if you love someone, you care for them. So, if we love the beauties of our planet, why aren’t we caring for it?

He ended the sermon with a few practical ideas on how to save energy. One of them was if you’re traveling less than 500 miles, drive. I knew there was a good reason we aren’t flying home for Thanksgiving! He also personally paid for over 500 new compact flourescent light bulbs for the congregation because he wanted people to try the bulbs out and buy more on their own. We took two home but I’ll admit, I’m not too excited about them. I don’t like the weird light they give off. Also, I read today that new CFLBs, need proper handling and disposal. What if we counter the savings in electricity because of the increased mercury going into our environment? Anyways, all that to say, I really appreciate the church looking at what the bible says about caring for our earth. I think Christians have the tendency to say, “That issue doesn’t affect me” or “I’m not into the Al Gore nonsense.” Really, I could care less if this is a Democrat or Republican issue. This is an issue that God tackles in the second chapter of the bible, so that means it affects me!

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