Finish Line

by Lesley on November 7, 2007 · 2 comments

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Proof we ran the Santa Barbara Half Marathon, for anyone who might otherwise not believe it. (Yes, I know it’s shocking that I’m displaying any sort of athletic talent whatsoever, considering my lack thereof since birth). The best part of Saturday’s race was finishing with Jonathan, who never once got more than 5 ft ahead of me. He’s amazing…really…he could have left me and finished much faster but he said he rather finish with me at his side. And, I think he even let me cross the finish line first, just to make me feel good about myself. This is only one of many examples of why I married him. Jonathan is so encouraging to me. On our drive back to Sacramento we spent a lot of time talking about my passions and hopes for the future and how he feels sometimes that he is holding me back from doing what I want because he is in school. Yet this isn’t how I feel at all! I think that there will be different times in our marriage that we sacrifice for one another. Right now, Jonathan’s passions are directing our lifestyle but I feel so good that we are here in Sacramento for him to be studying at Davis. There is no other place we should be!

We had a great time in Santa Barbara. Shane and Anne have remodeled their kitchen and it looks amazing. If I had a picture I would have proudly posted it for all the world to see. Friend’s successes are exciting to me– and especially this big project because Shane did it himself! He did it so well that Anna bought him a wiener dog puppy for his birthday this summer and I really enjoyed little Jim cuddling up to me all weekend long.

Reasons I love Santa Barbara:

1. Allison, Katie, Matthew, the Quinlans, Corrinne, Erin, Meg & Josh, Caleb, Nate, Rob and everyone else we love.
2. The Biltmore Wall
3. Familiar Montecito streets that lead me up to Westmont
4. Ocean runs
5. Pascucci’s Orvieta!
6. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (yes, we’re missing out in Sacramento)
7. Santa Barbara Community Church
8. Blenders
9. Volleyball at East Beach
10. Panino and The Palace
I fell asleep on Sunday night feeling so greatful for more honest conversation this weekend with family and friends. I am so blessed!
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