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by Lesley on September 27, 2007 · 3 comments

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It’s true that the news can be depressing. But, there are several events that have happened recently that I thought were so great, I had to share them.

1. Warren Jeffs, the polygamist cult leader from Utah, was convicted yesterday of two counts of rape by accomplice. This man comes from an evil line of men who have abused women for years and years, leading them to believe that if they don’t agree to plural marriage they will not go to heaven. If you haven’t read about Warren Jeffs or the communities he led in Colorado City, Arizona and Hilldale, Utah, you should definitely google him. What makes me so angry is that hundreds of young girls, some only 14, have been married off by this man only to live in deep shame and fear. How does our society let this happen?

2. Amsterdam’s Red Light District is cleaning up. An article on Yahoo News reports: “Last week one of the main entrepreneurs in the city’s perfectly legal sex industry cashed in, selling his properties in the district. The buyer, for $35 million, was a not-for-profit organization backed by the city of Amsterdam. The plan is to convert the buildings in which prostitutes pose in the windows into apartments and more conventional commercial space…. “Our aim is to push back criminal activity, to gain more control over the area”, mayor Job Cohen commented.

I walked through the Red Light District back in 2003 and was completely shocked by how violated women are. In every window, lingerie clad ladies beckoned the guys in our group. I won’t ever forget the sadness in their eyes as we all quickly shuffled by. I am so happy to hear good news for Amsterdam– this is a victory for that city and for the millions in sexual bondage. The picture I posted is an Amsterdam street scene. Isn’t the city gorgeous?

3. My ChinaAid e-mail last week announced that Cai Zhuohua, a prominent Beijing house church pastor arrested in 2004 was released from prison on September 10th. We prayed for this pastor before going to China because I had read about him in the news. Once we arrived, our contact Barnabas told us that Cai was a friend of his and that when he was arrested it was devastating to many, many Christians there. (Cai was printing mass amounts of bibles which led to a longer sentence.) Read this: “According to Cai’s mother to whom CAA has talked, pastor Cai arrived at his home at 1pm. He looked well with good spirit although he was not allowed to have or read bible in the past three years. In his prison, Cai was forced to make soccer 10 to 12 hours a day for 2008 Beijing Olympics. Pastor Cai asked CAA to thank all the brothers and sisters who have been praying and helping him and his family members during his imprisonment time. “The love of the Lord and the prayers by the saints sustained my life in the prison,” said Cai.
Please continue to pray for this man, as he is apparently is still being heavily watched.

Isn’t it amazing that even though there is sin and evil in our world that Christ can still redeem? Even though Warren Jeffs and the Red Light District and horrible persecution are all things that deeply sadden God, He still overcomes!

There are also a few new discoveries this week that I was excited about and had to share:

1.– it’s kind of like a virtual paper doll creator where you can dress an avatar to look like you! I spent an hour on the website re-living my childhood. It’s super fun, free and once you’ve created your “doll” you can send it in an e-card or make it into stationary.
2. A new tv show on Wednesday nights called Kid Nation basically films a herd of children in the desert with no adult supervision. I’ve read some reviews and caught part parts of the first two episodes. It’s really cute in a wholesome reality TV sort of way. (I will also note, Grey’s Anatomy and The Office season premieres are this Thursday!! Whooo hooo!)

And in our exciting life, we welcomed the first day of fall with rain. Somehow it went from 85 degrees one day to rainy and cold next. I had to actually dress in three layers when we went out to Starbucks a few nights ago. I really enjoyed the rain but I hope it’s not a huge warning of a long cold, wet season. Jonathan on the other hand has pointed out twice already that there is snow in Tahoe. I think we could have a great ski season! (And, I’ll also mention that he’s replaced his desktop picture of us with a huge Seahawks season calendar. His priorities have spoken…)

Speaking of the Seahawks, Jonathan has tickets to this weekend’s game in SF. He bought the tickets weeks ago on but when he went to check them yesterday he realized that the seller had not sent him the advertised seats. He was really mad and called stubhub to complain. Stubhub went to a lot of work to figure out what happened and promised him they’d replace the seats with what he paid for, or better. Today he received a call saying that he has seats right on the 40 yard line. They are selling for upwards of $400 each right now. He’s super happy. 🙂 Sure makes you want to use Stubhub again, right?

So, that’s the news– all of it. The real stuff, the good stuff, the random stuff and the stuff you don’t really care about all the much. Thanks for checking in!
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