Un anniversaire d’année

by Lesley on August 2, 2007 · 1 comment

in marriage

Today marks the end of our first year in Sacramento, and as I drove to work this morning I couldn’t help but think about our past year and all of it’s interesting bends and turns. Last August 1st we rolled into Sacramento, I in the civic and Jonathan trailing me in our huge Penske yellow truck. The air conditioning was blaring as the 5 freeway turned and I caught my first glimpse of a huge water tower saying “Welcome to Sacramento, City of Trees”. City of TREES, I thought to myself? I left Santa Barbara, land of cool ocean breezes and swaying palm trees for the city of trees??

We spent August getting settled in our apartment that we had rented, sight unseen. Sam and Sharon gave us a coffee table, which we still owe them dinner for, and fortunately all of our furniture fit in our little bedroom. We had no money but life was grand (we still have no money and life is grand… ha, ha!) But then we watched five months roll by as I looked for a job. I spent that time writing, discovering Grey’s Anatomy at Blockbuster, learning about my passions, getting offered jobs, taking a job, quitting a job, running a half marathon, buying cheap Christmas presents for our family, praying, crying. I’m pretty sure I went through my quarter life crisis.

Jonathan meanwhile was adjusting to life as a student, spending hours in the library, meeting new friends, and drowning himself nightly in a sea of books. I learned a lot about trusting God in those few months. I didn’t understand why he’d give me a job and then call me to quit. I didn’t understand why we couldn’t find a church. I didn’t understand how we were supposed to be responsible with our money when neither of us were making any. I felt like I was failing Jonathan as a wife, sitting at home and watching Regis and Kelly and sending my resume all over town. And then, one day in January, I saw a job posting and I just knew it was for me. I heard God’s voice..not literally a loud booming speaking voice but an all knowing confidence that I had found what He wanted for me at this moment in time. And after five slooooowwwww fall months waiting, I jumped into a job as a Public Relations and Event Coordinator to then watch the next six months fly by as a working woman again. Not every day has been easy but life in Sacramento truly does feel like home. I’ve decided I like the trees and how they turn colors and cover our house in shade. I like our river, I like the hot summer nights, and I like the cold winter mornings. I love having deep friendships here and a marriage that gets stronger every day.

August will be a busy month as Jonathan finishes his summer job and we get ready for Hawaii in a couple weeks. I got to see Amy last weekend because Danny flew her to Sacramento for her birthday. We spent all Saturday in San Francisco and then on Sunday went to Crepeville and the grand Capitol tour. I loved talking to Amy and having time with just her because it hasn’t happened since we graduated!

Other things that are making me happy today: Big Spoon Yogurt (only three blocks away!), watching the CNN video “Hundreds of Prisoners Dance to Thriller (look it up- it will make you laugh), free skin cream from Anna (gotta love those pharma reps), $6.95 sandals from American Eagle, clean sheets on my bed, air conditioning. I’m also happy my mom got back from Japan today and that I got to talk to my dad last night. 🙂 Happy August– enjoy the rest of summer!
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Amy has blonde hair? I loved reading the recap of your year in Sac Town. What does "d'annee" mean? Have fun in Hawaii!