A beautiful 144

by Lesley on March 30, 2007 · 1 comment

in work

I’ve had a really fun month at work. Every quarter my office has a company event on a Friday afternoon. Last Friday we all left work at noon and went bowling at a new place in Rocklin. Definitely the coolest bowling alley I’ve ever been to- huge flat screen tvs, a nice bar, great pizza, and perfectly clean. This picture is my team- “Lighting”- because what does lighting do? It strikes. Yeah, get it? Thus, we are pretending to get hit by lightning. I know, sooooo corny! But when you work for an ad agency, there are a lot of really creative people and all the teams made unbelievable t-shirts and uniforms. I love my office! And, I got three strikes each game with a high score of 144. I must be a natural!

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