A Day in the Life of a Law Office Receptionist

by Lesley on October 20, 2006 · 0 comments

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9am: Arrive at work. Place carefully made lunch in fridge with other secretaries lunches. They have packed fat free lean cuisine. I pack my very rich, cheesy, meaty Manicoti leftover from last night.

9:15am: Instruction on how to use and manage phone system. As a freebie, Donna shows me the inner workings of the copy and scanning machine, and (just in case) how to open Internet Explorer, Word and Outlook. Thank you, Donna.

9:20am: First “shame on you” of the day occurs: I am NOT to put anyone on hold. The hold button is waaaayyyyy to complicated. Instead, cup hand over the voice receiver, and yell.

9:22am: First “F bomb” of the day whispered from Judy’s desk in far corner. Followed by, “This is such a pisser.” I stifle a laugh.

10:05am: Donna’s adult daughter calls in with an emergency. She has pulled her son out of school for some reason and taken him to the movies. Donna is not happy about this. The school is not happy about this. In the meantime, her liver is hurting and she isn’t sure what to do. Donna instructs- go to the hospital.

11:00am: Judy and Donna have whispered conversation #9. I catch attorney’s names, an occasional F word and a BUNCH of good gossip. I’m so glad I have good hearing.

10:05-5pm: I continue to answer phones, which ring an average of 5x per hour. I practice using my sweet secretary voice. I do not, however, try to do anything that would require me to look for someone or provide any customer service to the caller. This is bad. Donna and Judy tell me this is too much work. Yes, Donna and Judy. You are right. I have way too much internet surfing to do in the meantime.

This is my life as an unemployed college graduate working as a temp. It stinks. But it sure makes me grateful I’m not stuck here.

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