Dream Like New York

by Lesley on October 3, 2006 · 2 comments

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So many dreams come and go
We blink our eyes
Time flies by we don’t know
What ever happened to those childhood years?
When we thought we could fly
We got to keep those dreams alive
And dream like New York
As high as the skyline
Aim for the stars above those city lights
I want to dream like New York I’m running down Broadway
I got to catch the next train
I’m making my way
-Tyrone Wells, Dream Like New York

I love my girlfriends so much and I sure have missed them the last two years since we graduated. I miss laughing with them, singing loudly and usually off key, sharing our hard times and our good times, being silly, and eating a LOT. We had a whirlwind weekend in the Big Apple visiting Jenny in her new Brooklyn apartment and seeing the sites. We had 5 celebrity sightings, the best being Haylie Duff right before we caught her in Hairspray (which I liked! Wow! A first for me!) The weekend was hard because we didn’t get to really catch up as much as I would have liked but we recommitted to praying for one another and keeping in better touch by phone and email. I am always truly grateful for the influence these women have on my life. I hated watching each of them walk away, wondering when the next time would be. I’ll just keep dreaming of New York…..

(more pics to come)
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Lori Lester
Lori Lester

6 celebrities (seven if you count the naked cowboy)...Love you les. I'm glad we are still praying for an celebrating eachother's lives.