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Published articles, and other places you can read my stuff: 

Coffee + Crumbs: a full list of my posts

Hello Darling (MOPS blog): Three Tips for Making Friendship Work and My Friends Helped Me Survive My Husband’s Cancer 

The Postpartum Podcast: On the Importance of Slowing Down and Counseling During the Postpartum Year

Her.meneutics: What’s the Truth Behind Serial? Only God Knows / The Christian Humblebrag (Given a Best of Her.meneutics 2012 Writer’s Choice award!) /  Choosing Life, When Cancer Fears Are EverywhereThe Manti Te’o Hoax, from the Perspective of a Football Fanatic’s Wife Move over, Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin is Our New Sweetheart

Be mama be: The last day I walked away (Picked as one of Rachel Held Evan’s Sunday Superlatives)

(In) Giving the Gift of Presence

Front page feature article in Relevant Magazine, Secret Worshippers

Featured in Relevant Magazine article, Ideas that Changed the World

Love and Respect NOW, Fighting the Good Fight

Modern Mrs. Darcy,  Adult Friendship is an Investment Requiring Some Work, When Things Go Wrong Am I Willing to Let God Lead?

Where My Heart Resides: What My Mom Taught Me While Pushing a Car

The Violet Online: On Friendship, page 14 of Winter 2012 issue

A Beautiful Mess: Letting Go of the Noise

The Moxy Project: Dear Carolyn: Your Advice Stinks

RobCares: Why Every Caregiver Needs a Coach (And How You Can Find One!)

Tim’s blog: Collecting Stones

Jamee Tenzer at CMQ Coaching: Do you ever feel like swapping your children?

3foldcomm: A close-up look at the US Navy’s use of social media (and details about my exciting trip to the USS Makin Island off the coast of California!)

A full listing of my posts for 3foldcomm