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Premier Protein is Coming to Sacramento

by Lesley on October 2, 2013 · 0 comments

in food,running

Tweet Here’s a question of eternal significance: what do you eat for breakfast? I’m asking because I’m back to running and need some go-to, high protein breakfast options. My current bowl of cereal just ain’t cutting it. Recently I was contacted by Premier Protein because they’re in Sacramento this week giving out free protein shakes […]



The race marked out for us

by Lesley on April 9, 2013 · 13 comments

in marriage,running

Tweet On Sunday I witnessed my first full marathon, and really there’s probably nothing like it other than running one. (Which I’ve yet to do!) It’s been less than one year since Jonathan walked out of his final chemo infusion—nauseated, weak and swollen from steroids. Today he’s a marathon finisher. His feat is nothing short […]



Tweet In our house, I’ve always been the runner. Well, maybe not always since the beginning of time but for the last six or so years I’ve been the one to bundle up, sneak out of the house early, and let my lungs do some stretching. These days, there’s a new runner in the house. […]


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Cold weather running: a tutorial

by Lesley on October 17, 2012 · 1 comment

in running

TweetCold weather running is upon us again. The mornings are no longer sunny and warm. Instead we’re back to dark 6:00am wakeup calls. The flannel sheets make it SO HARD to get out the door. Staying motivated in the cold months can be really difficult. Trust me when I say the last two winter seasons […]


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For those who have fallen

by Lesley on October 12, 2012 · 7 comments

in lessons learned,running

TweetIt finally happened. After six years of early morning runs, I did the thing I’ve been dreading. I fell. Hard. It’s quite the miracle I haven’t fallen before this point. As a child I visited the emergency room multiple times due to freak tripping accidents. First grade: Running in the garage, slipping on beach bag […]

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