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Tweet I won’t claim that I’m a big movie buff. I won’t even claim to have great taste in movies. That being said, don’t be upset if you rent any of the below movies and hate them. Best Christmas Movies–Modern and Traditional Home Alone (Because I’ve seen in 5,000 times, have most of the lines […]



The Weekend Run Down

by Lesley on August 3, 2008 · 6 comments

in movies

TweetI usually fall asleep when we watch movies at night but this weekend I stayed awake for three flicks– all very different but each quite good: Definitely, MaybeStarts out slow but I found myself loving Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin throughout. This one is a girl movie but Jonathan sat threw it without too much […]



Tweet Happy Fourth of July / Matthew’s 20th Birthday! (See us making the “20” with our hands?) A fabulously fun long, hot, weekend with the Millers in Murrieta consisted of delicious food (thanks Marlene), pool time, hang out time with the Spauldings, reading The Last Chinese Chef, watching Vantage Point (which I really liked), hanging […]


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The Other Boleyn Girl

by Lesley on March 14, 2008 · 3 comments

in marriage,movies

TweetPeach and I snuck off and saw a movie last night– The Other Boleyn Girl. I really enjoyed it but was a little disappointed I didn’t remember most of the historical facts I learned on Europe Semester about the Church of England’s roots and all of Henry VIII’s wives. If we think the New York […]



Green sweatpants

by Lesley on March 7, 2008 · 9 comments

in biking,highs/lows,movies,tv

TweetThings I found out this week that made me happy (in no particular order) 1. Staying in your pajamas all day is a surefire way to get rid of a cold. 2. There are nuns living in the apartment complex two doors down. This, for some odd reason, made me really excited. 3. Dewey at […]

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