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Tweet She’s always reminded me of my teenage self. And on Wednesday, the resemblance was even more striking. On a similar June afternoon ten years ago, I, also a Warrior, stood dressed in a red gown. This time, I sat in the stadium seats between hundreds of proud parents holding leis. When Maddy walked in, […]



Tweet I stood in my closet, right foot resting flamingo style on the left knee. This is my thinking pose; and on Monday night I needed to make an important fashion decision for the following day. Most days, getting dressed is a short process that happens while brushing my teeth in the morning. My office […]



Pilgrims, Indians and Family

by Lesley on November 25, 2009 · 2 comments

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Tweet I had just thrown the stuffing mix and gravy into the shopping cart when he called. “Hey love,” I answer. “Joe’s not coming to Thanksgiving anymore,” he responds. I try to ignore the hint of disappointment in his voice. “His sister-in-law hasn’t had the baby yet, so it turns out Joe’s family is coming […]



TweetI have writer’s block. And it’s Twitter’s fault. The last few months I’ve found it very difficult to blog. In the old days, I would think of blog post ideas throughout the day and look forward to a few evenings each week where I’d let the words flow off my hands and heart onto the […]


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Tweet I’m one of those people that likes playing the game, “Last week at this time, I was… (fill in the blank: eating dinner with friends, lounging in Hawaii, celebrating my birthday…) OR “Last year at this time we were… (in Boston with Sarah, anticipating our anniversary, planting our garden.) Sometimes (this is going to […]

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