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Tweet Good day, friends! I welcomed this morning with blurry eyes, as I’ve done every morning for the last week. The kids have croup, and pink eye, and an ear infection, and what seems like twenty other ailments impairing their sleep (and mine.) With Jonathan gone on a cancer survivor’s surf trip for a week, […]



Chaos and Cheerios

by Lesley on June 15, 2014 · 0 comments

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Tweet If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed we had special friends at our house this week. Sharon, Sam and their girls came for four nights and we soaked up the late nights, early mornings, and the pure chaos that comes with two crawlers and two (almost) preschoolers. You guys should see the amount of […]



Tweet Pictures often tell a story without using words. The very best photographers are those who, with a single image, convey more than a news story or book ever could. Last Friday night we saw our friends from Ashland. Brett, Andrea and their little gal Scout were driving through Sacramento on the way to visit […]



Goat Cheese Biscuits and Holy Hands

by Lesley on April 2, 2013 · 9 comments

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Tweet “When you eat, I want you to think of God, of the holiness of hands that feed us, of the provision we are given every time we eat. When you eat bread and you drink wine, I want you to think about the body and the blood every time, not just when the bread […]



Tweet Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing more frequently on the topic of friendship. While I always enjoying reading, writing and talking about how women (and men!) can love each other better, it’s been particularly relevant this month because of my annual girls’ trip which took place last weekend in Newport Beach. I […]

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