by Lesley on January 20, 2009 · 3 comments

I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment, or contact me by email: or via Twitter: @lesleymiller

A note to individuals/companies interested in sponsorship opportunities, guest posting, and giveaways:

I love working with companies–from small Etsy shops to major brands! I’m always open to discussing sponsorship opportunities however I do hope you will first spend some time getting to know who I am, and more importantly, what my readers care about.

If you are a writer or blogger who has a guest post idea, I’d love to hear from you! Please pitch me via e-mail with specific topic ideas and provide me a sample of other posts you’ve written, this way I can determine if your style and content is a good fit for my readers. I am not interested in working with companies or individuals simply looking to boost their site’s SEO.

Finally, if you are a for-profit company trying to advertise a product or service, please know that in most circumstances I expect to be compensated for my time in either money or trade. I’m raising two young kiddos and my time is valuable!

Thank you for understanding my time, and my readers’ time, is valuable. I hope to hear from you soon.