Long live summer, long live family

by Lesley on July 1, 2015 · 4 comments

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Summer is officially here. Long days. Permanent sand in our toes. Open windows every night. And plenty to celebrate.

My sweet grandpa, “Do-daddy”, turned 90 a few weeks ago, and to mark the occasion he treated the entire family to a weekend away in Avalon. If you’ve never been to Catalina before, this should be your next family trip, especially if you have young kids. Avalon is 65 miles off the coast of Southern California, and it’s only about an hour boat ride. With few cars on the island, we could leave our carseats at home and walk (or scooter!) everywhere. So easy. We ate lots of ice cream, fish and chips, shaved ice and saltwater taffy. Anna took her first official ocean swim—”all by myself”—with the beautiful Avalon Casino as her witness, and we enjoyed the peaceful waters without the worry of waves knocking Owen over.

My grandpa, still sharp as ever, has experienced debilitating pain for the last year. Many days, he can’t leave the house. All of us were worried he wouldn’t make his own birthday party, and yet, look! Here he is. Not a day over 75, if you ask me.






This is my mom’s entire family— aunts, uncles, cousins and grandchildren. I love the reminder that from two people’s love, and 67+ years of marriage, this legacy exists! Two brothers. Three sisters. Eight grandchildren. Seven great-grandchildren including two sets of twins. And as only a dentist’s family would have…some incredible smiles. 

Thanks Casey Figlewicz Photography!

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Beautiful pictures of your family, Lesley!  Love your description of Catalina.  My husband and I went there BC (before children), and your post made me remember that sweet time.


where did you guys stay? eric's family did a family camp on catalina for years when he was growing up and I know he is dying to go back, and as much as family camp sounds like fun it might be easier for us to do our "own thing" the first time around...because leaving carseats behind sounds awesome (particularly now that we are adding a third!)


My dad turned 91 last December and is still going strong. We took him to lunch in Half Moon Bay last month and he is still strolling the sidewalks with pep in his step. I'm so glad you got to enjoy your grandfather's birthday with him in good enough health to take part fully too. You and Jonathan and the kids look great!


It was a great weekend to celebrate family.  As usual, your words celebrate the occasion even more.

Thank you : ).