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by Lesley on April 20, 2015 · 2 comments

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When I married Jonathan almost 10 (!!) years ago, his sixteen year old brother Matthew was our best man. He didn’t particularly like me at the time, as I was the girl stealing his brother and best friend away, but when he delivered an eloquent and funny best man speech at our wedding I began to see a tiny hint at the man he’d eventually become.

It was a huge honor and joy to watch Matthew get married last weekend in Jackson Mississippi, to his sweet bride Elizabeth. As the last Miller sibling to marry, our family is now  complete (besides the growing number of grandkids) and there’s something really sweet about everyone having a mate. I always felt like there was someone missing at holidays, and  looking back, I think it was Matthew and Sarah’s significant others.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed my influx of #mattaboutliz photos. All of us traveled to Jackson to participate in the wedding festivities. Jonathan was the best man and planned an epic bachelor party on one of the days that involved steak and crawfish and shooting things. Meanwhile, Katie and I entertained the cousins at the Mississippi Children’s Museum and got lunch and milkshakes at Brent’s Drugs, a legendary lunch spot in the area (and a scene in one of my favorite movies, The Help.)

Besides our trip to New Orleans a few years ago, I haven’t been to the deep South, and Mississippi lived up to my expectations. Lush green fields, so many trees, friendly people, thick accents, amazing (fatty, fried) foods, humidity, and a city oozing with history. After studying civil right leader Medgar Evers in high school, I really wanted to visit his home where he was assassinated in 1963, and Jonathan let me sneak in a quick stop the morning of the wedding. (I know, sort of a weird way to kick off wedding day, but, you’re only in Jackson once, y’all.)

The wedding itself was lovely, and the bride radiant and calm. Jonathan’s dad assisted in officiating the ceremony, marking the fourth and final time he’s been part of marrying his children off. Anna made it down the aisle with a smile, and despite a few wiggles up front, she fulfilled her flower girl duties well. (Let’s not discuss her and Owen’s behavior pre-ceremony, and just focus on her darling white dress and flower crown, shall we?)

Southerners know how to do weddings, and we fully enjoyed ourselves at the reception which took place at a boutique hotel in the downtown area. Unlike other weddings I’ve attended, this one had no set program or assigned seats. Toasts took place the night before, at the rehearsal dinner, which meant there was less of a program to follow. I loved this! When we arrived at the reception the food and drinks were already flowing. Grits station in martini glasses? YES. Mini chicken and waffles? YES. Carved venison, pizza, and warm cinnamon rolls? YES, YES, and YES. And when the live band started…let’s just say everyone lost their minds. This was a party, and we all partied hard including Anna, who made her own dance floor out of glow sticks and then raced around it all evening until we forced her to bed, in tears, at 9:30pm.

While our weekend was so fun, it was also exhausting. I do not prefer flying with children between the ages of 6 months and three years old, but we all survived our 12 hour travel days and (happily) do not have any other flights planned with our kids until they turn 18. Or at least four.

Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Miller!

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Wowzas.  How crazy.  Did you know that my husband is from Jackson (and that his dad, James Meredith, is also a big part of the civil rights movement, alongside Medgar Evars?)  So, I know all those places you speak of ...and can attest to the fact that it is NOT an easy place to get to, not by any stretch of the imagination!  Also, random: you look like Portia de Rossi with your hair all done up like that!

LesleyM moderator

@caramac54 I'm geeking out about your husband's dad. He has a Wikipedia page...of course he does...and I just read the entire thing and basically think your married to maybe the coolest person ever, besides my own husband. ;) If he were my father in law, I don't think I'd ever stop asking questions. Wow. Thanks for the comment, Cara!