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warrior in pink

For the average American, October is a month when autumn leaves fall, goblins and ghosts emerge, and a signature pink ribbon makes it’s appearance on football fields, yogurt containers and billboards along every major highway.

At the Miller house, October is also the anniversary of Jonathan’s terrible discovery of cancer within his own chest; not of the breast cancer variety but Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which started as a mass under his collarbone and above his heart.

While I’m not opposed to the fun of Halloween dress-up and trick-or-treating, I always find it a bit ironic and twisted that we Americans celebrate a holiday centered around death during the same month we’re working so hard to eradicate a very deadly disease. But, I digress…

There are a lot of terrible parts about cancer, but one amazing part is that Jonathan and I have separately, and together, met many other patients and spouses fighting this disease. And while everyone’s experience is a little different, we’ve found camaraderie, understanding and comfort in other’s journeys; many of which look similar to our own.

Vivian Mabuni is a friend and mentor I met almost two years ago through the Redbud Writer’s Guild. She’s a breast cancer survivor, mom, wife, and friend who loves Jesus and wants to encourage other women facing this terrible disease. As soon as I heard she was working on a memoir about cancer, I knew I wanted to be among the first to read about her journey.

Earlier this year, Vivian released Warrior in Pink: A Story of Cancer, Community, and the God who Comforts. The book chronicles her experience as a young mother fighting cancer, and she beautifully shares about everything from the intimate moment of diagnosis to her tough conversations with family and the after cancer wilderness. Through it all, Vivian keeps pointing readers back to Jesus. She writes, “I found a difference between existence and life. I didn’t want to spend whatever days God had for me merely existing. I wanted to live fully without fear.”

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Vivian is giving away a copy of her book to one of my readers. Even if you don’t have breast cancer, it’s likely you know someone who does. I hope this book might help you to better understand cancer, and see how our compassionate God is so present in our suffering.

Vivian, thank you for sharing your heart with a world who needs hope during the cancer journey. Friends, make sure to visit Vivian’s website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter!

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I am a 3 yr breast cancer survivor. There's nothing scarier than hearing the word cancer for the first time. I'd love the chance to win and read this book!


As a fellow young (diagnosed a little over 2 years ago at age 31) breast cancer survivor I'm really excited to see a memoir from the young perspective. Thanks for sharing!