What I’m Into: June 2014

by Lesley on June 30, 2014 · 17 comments

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Books: The NEW Strong-Willed Child, and the book of Daniel. (Beth Moore’s Daniel Study is kicking my butt, in a good way.)

Music: My 2014 Music list can be found here. I was disappointed in Coldplay’s new album, but excited about JJ Heller’s newest release.

Food: A lot of egg tacos with fresh avocados for breakfast, homemade backyard bowls using Costco’s Acai superfruit packs, Argentine grilled tri-tip, s’mores on our patio firepit, and Peach and Roasted Vegetable Salad (although Jonathan prefers strawberries over peaches.)

TV/Movies:  I’m on a HUGE documentary kick right now. I think this is partially because TV shows are on summer hiatus, and we’ve also had a lot of visitors this month. Documentaries are great to watch with others because they can lead to such interesting discussions! Favorites this month include: Twenty Feet From Stardom (can’t recommend this enough for anyone who writes, sings or creates art!), Blackfish (thought provoking and well done), The Price of Gold (about Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding. So fascinating!), and Tiny (about people who make and live in itsy-bitsy houses. It will make you want to downsize, I promise.) 

Wearing: My new Old Navy tank top with a big United States and stars emblazoned across the front. It’s the only new item I purchased for myself in June, and was meant to be worn on Fourth of July but the US soccer team made me bust it out a little early.

A few of my favorite purchases in June: SHARKK® Hair Brush for Anna’s locks. (She doesn’t cry when I brush her hair anymore! It’s inexpensive and miraculous.) Also, these are our favorite probiotics for kids.


Things I loved in June (and May, for that matter):

Thursday night picnics at the Mission with lots of other young families

Watching my kids learn to play together–they chase each other around the house giggling! Does it get any better than that?

Our new $100 Home Depot patio furniture which was the best steal of the internet. I’ve been eating lunch and dinner outside, and sometimes lighting a candle and working out there after the kids go down to bed. (Please note the “dollhouse furniture” I was shopping for in the above photo. Someone’s birthday is coming soon!)

Visits from Sarah, Sharon, Jenny, Katie, and Erin. Some of my very best friends have warmed my house and my heart is full after spending time with them. (Erica & Brent will be here soon too, and Ashlee comes with Everett in just a few weeks!)

Things I learned in June:

1) Finding good babysitters is hard work. I went a few weeks without a sitter and ended up working LATE LATE nights. I’m so glad we have a sweet sitter named Jenny who will be with us another month and I begin the babysitter scramble again.

2) I really like hiking! We went on several easy hikes this month–one to the top of “Hawk’s Peak” where we buried my grandpa’s ashes. There’s something wonderful about escaping into nature and having intentional time to talk with those you love.

3) Pilates is fantastic post-baby exercise. I’m not going to class nearly as much as I’d like, but I’ve already noticed a considerable difference in my core strength. After two babies, my abs need serious attention. I can’t tell you how great it feels to realize I can do things in class that I wasn’t able to do a few months ago.

Anticipating: The birth of Baby K, and our kiddos’ birthdays celebrations. We bought Anna a big surprise for the backyard and I can’t wait for her to see it!

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