Runway lights

by Lesley on April 6, 2014 · 8 comments

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About six weeks ago, before the crazy began, I was talking to my wise friend Amy about our family’s future. You see, even though Jonathan and I didn’t anticipate God moving our family to Santa Barbara, we knew He was up to something. In fact we’d been praying over his career for months and months, and our hearts knew change was coming.

I asked Amy–But will we know for sure what God wants? How will we know where to go and what Jonathan should do? Do we wait for God to act first, or do we take a step of faith? She told me about a book she’d been reading by Priscilla Shirer called Discerning the Voice of God. In it the author says something about how when a plane is trying to land there isn’t just one big light at the end of the runway, there are small lights the entire way. Amy told me that often times when God works, and when he talks to us, he does so with lots of confirmations.

A few weeks after my conversation with Amy, Jonathan’s Santa Barbara job offer came in a way we’d never have anticipated or planned, and his Sacramento job came to an end in a way we’d never have anticipated or planned. It was just the beginning of our experience seeing runway lights.

There was our road trip to Santa Barbara to hear more about the position…and even though it was supposed to storm the entire weekend we literally followed right behind the clouds for most of our six hour drive.

There was the ease in which we found a home to rent. We signed the lease before ever seeing the inside just because I knew it was right for us. And it is.

Oh, and did I mention we already know our next-door neighbors? We were in their home group years ago! (And our other neighbors are opening a French bakery downtown. I think French bakeries are always a sign from God that He is present and working.)

And then there is the freelance work that fell into my lap, for just the right amount of hours, which makes living in this expensive town a lot more do-able.

I’m old enough to know that God doesn’t always speak as loudly as He has during this most recent change. There have been many, many times in my life where the runway lights have blinked faithfully but fog or snow made them less visible. This time around, I’m so grateful and happy to say we’ve landed on time, safe and sound, at the right destination: home.

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