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by Lesley on January 24, 2014 · 8 comments

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It’s been a loooooong month, you guys. Our entire family is finally feeling better after being hit with terrible, terrible colds. I’ve also been dealing with some major breastfeeding issues which have been hard for me both physically and emotionally. And did I mention we’re sleep training Owen? Yeah. There’s that.

Everyday has felt like a marathon of sorts. Our days start early and if I’m lucky there’s a half hour break around 3pm when both children are sleeping. In the discouraging haven’t-had-a-shower moments, I have to remind myself, “Lesley, you’re technically working 90 hour weeks right now. Just sit down, put your feet up, and eat a cookie.”

And yet, there is so much to be thankful for. It’s been an unseasonably warm January (yay!) and we’ve done our best to take advantage of the weather by heading to the park and exploring the American River trail. On Fridays I’ve been running, then treating myself to a Starbucks drink. I’m finding that I need little ways to make our days feel unique and special, and Friday Starbucks is one way to do so.

Need a splattering of articles to keep you entertained this weekend? Well, look no further! I may not have the energy to write much of my own stuff this month but there are plenty of great reads from around the web:

Recharge, rest: How introverted moms cope with family chaos (Since my kids’ naps don’t coordinate right now I give Anna 30 minutes of alone time in her room each morning while Owen naps, and I also let her watch Thomas the Train so I can make dinner. These are my sanity saver tips!)

I also loved this post by Tiny Twig: Take Care of Yourself Like a Mother. She offers a few simple ideas that seem so obvious and yet I rarely do them. My favorite is to make a nest for yourself out of blankets.

My sweet friend Lori shared this link with me: 35 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Girlfriends.  “It is a blessing to have an intimate few but always have room at your table. Be the anti-clique clique.”

FUNNY STUFF: 44 Things We’ve Said to Our Kids to Get Them to Eat 

This NY Times article about living in 704 square feet makes a very compelling argument for living with less. On the days when I think I need more space, I remind myself how hard it is for me to clean one bathroom. What if I had three?!

I love this post by Michelle about when you live far from family. I wish I could see my family more than I do. And there are a lot of days, especially when I’m sick, where I really need them. Can you relate?

The trick to a healthy diet? Eat anything you want, just cook it yourself. (We’re getting a CSA box again this year and it’s been wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Fresh just tastes better!)

In February I’m planning to do 28 days of (FREE!) Pilates. Want to join? It’s low commitment but I think it will reap big rewards.

The cutest little Etsy shop.

Happy weekend everyone!

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