Do something with your Christmas guilt

by Lesley on December 20, 2013 · 6 comments

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Today on my way home from Trader Joe’s I was thinking about all the people I wish I’d bought gifts for this holiday season…

If I had lots of time and lots of money I’d get our mail lady Sam an Amazon gift card because she always waves at Anna through the window, and I’d give all the childcare workers at church a cute mug and Starbucks card because who doesn’t need caffeine when you work with toddlers? My sweet friend Alicia and and all the girls’ in my bible study would get something crafty and sentimental, and then I’d get my favorite lipgloss for all the gals at my Mom’s Connection table.


I don’t have lots of time or lots of money.

Instead of feeling guilty about my current reality I’ve decided to stop with the Christmas guilt…because…guess what? There are 11 other months in the year! December is not the only month for giving! December is also not the only month for baking and cards and merry greetings.

A resolution for the remainder of this Christmas season:

If and when I find a stirring in my heart to bless someone with an outrageously complicated Pinterest craft or Starbucks gift card, I will simply pull up my calendar and figure out a time to unexpectedly surprise that person. The childcare workers at church? They’ll get something from me in May when Anna changes classrooms. The women in my bible study? I’ll make a point to remember their birthdays with a card or a cupcake delivery. You see where I’m going with this?


Reader, if you’re consuming this post while up to your elbows in glue, flower and scotch tape…please…for the love of neurotic women everywhere…JUST STOP.

And if you can’t stop, then just ¬†push “pause” by pulling out your calendar and finding a lovely Tuesday in July to deliver those cookies.

If this advice resonates with you, just schedule my gift delivery for next September. I’ll love whatever you bring me. Wink.


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