Friday Finds

by Lesley on November 15, 2013 · 11 comments

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…First, a bit of housekeeping…

I’ve been using a new commenting system for about six months which enabled me to reply to your comments with greater ease. I am LOVING the ability to converse with everyone better but I’m wondering if you like it? Is it easy to use? Do you always want to comment but forget your user name or ID? Do you miss the old system? Are there bugs I’m not aware of? Please comment and let me know, or, if commenting isn’t working for you then email me: lesley- at-

Also, um, just a little request: If you haven’t yet liked my author page on Facebook, would you consider doing so? There’s a little box on the far right hand side of my blog, or just¬†click here. And please share the page with friends. I’d love to get over 400 LIKES by the end of the weekend. Maybe you can help me make that happen?

..Now onto some links from around the web…

For the dreamers…My friend Lisa, aka Brownie, sent me a link to the most amazing hotel in Switzerland. It’s an old castle! You know what’s really cool? I stayed there once, a million years ago, when it was a retreat center. I lived a charmed college life, I tell ya.

For those who want to better understand the 20s/30s crowd5 churchy phrases that are scaring off Millenials

For those who put pen to paper…How to Succeed as a Writer

For the 30ish crowd who once owned KirstenEven more terrible things are happening to the American Girl brand than you thought¬†(I really hope my Kirsten doll is in my parents’ attic somewhere. Mom?)

For dads and moms of young kidsWhen Bryleigh and I went to not the best part of town

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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